About us

ECONS ENERGY, a.s., (formerly ECONS, a limited liability company, until 29 February 2012), is an independent consultancy, design and engineering organisation. The company was established in 1992 by a group of designers experienced in the field of heat-power engineering, compressed-air facilities and water management.

The long-term activities of ECONS ENERGY, a.s. specialists in the field of heat-power engineering and energy industries shaped the fundamental professional direction of our company - construction, modernisation and reconstruction of the power-generating equipment, facilities and plants of the most prominent companies in the region. At the same time, our company has actively participated in executing works for foreign partners and the result of cooperation for so many years is our partnership in a great number of significant projects for Indonesia, Korea, China, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa, Iran, Jordan, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.

ECONS ENERGY, a.s. is holder of the certificate of Quality Management Systems STN EN ISO 9001:2009, Environmental Management Systems STN EN ISO 14001:2005 and Occupational Health & Safety Systems OHSAS 18001:2009.


Conventional energy sources

  • Hot-water and steam boiler plant fuelled by gas, liquid or solid fuel
  • Ecologisation, renewal and a rationalisation of existing boiler plants including the purification of flue-gas
  • Heat-exchangers: steam/water, water/water with shell or tube heat exchangers
  • Engine rooms of steam turbines
  • Pipework distribution systems for steam, water, technical and heating gases of all types and parameters

Cogeneration plants and combined-cycle power plants

  • Cogeneration plants with gas combustion engines
  • Cogeneration plants and combined-cycle gas turbines and waste heat boiler with or without additional heating
  • Cogeneration plants using biomass
  • Biogas plants

Industrial power engineering

  • Compressed air and technical gas units
  • Utilisation of waste heat, flue-gas boilers
  • Industrial piping systems

Distribution and utilisation of gases and liquid fuels

  • Production and distribution of technical and heating gases 
  • Gas regulating stations
  • Combustion plants
  • Storage facilities and the distribution of liquid fuels

Environmental engineering

  • Central heating of residential, operational and production  premises and halls
  • Radiant heating using infra-red heaters
  • Ventilation, cooling and air-conditioningof operationaland production premises and halls
  • Machine cooling

De-dusting and compressed air systems

  • Dust separation and air purification
  • Pneumatic haulage of loose materials

VHV line

  • 220 kV line
  • 400 kV line
  • Substations

Water resources management

  • Pumping stations of all types
  • Cooling circuits in industry and power engineering
  • Chemical treatment of water for industry and power engineering
  • Neutralisation of waste waters